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About Us

We are simply a family who choose to share our lives with animals. Girl with rat

We like to talk about them, enjoy them and remember them and we want to share our experiences with like-minded people.

Our pet's are not "just animals". They are our best friends, our companions; we tell them our secrets, they never let us down, they give us endless joy and are always "there" for us.


We talk endlessly about them and about the pets we grew up with.

When we lose a pet friend we grieve, we want to talk and sometimes we can see other people thinking "but it's only a dog" Well, it's not to us!

Whether we share our lives with an animal for just one year or for twenty years they become part of the family. Share your friends with us. Tell us about your pet's antics, their funny quirks, their likes and dislikes, their cute ways, and help us remember and share the experience of having lived with those we loved and lost and miss so much.

Please use the navigation buttons at the side and the navigation links at the bottom to browse our site. Hopefully you will find something of interest.

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