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If you have a pet product or service then My Pets Pages banner rotation system is for you.

When somebody views a page on the My Pets Pages web site, an advertisers banner is displayed. When the page is refreshed, or another page is viewed, the next banner in the rotation list is displayed. This continues until all advertisers banners have been viewed and then the first banner is shown again, and so on.

The My Pets Pages web site consists of over 1000 pages, each containing the banner rotation system.

When you sign up for advertising with My Pets Pages you will be given a unique administration area where you can modify your current settings, change your banner, view how many times your banner has been shown and how many times somebody has clicked on it.

Because we only place banners at the bottom of our pages, we have priced the cost of advertising accordingly. The cost to include your banner in the rotation system is as follows:

30 days
US $25.00
60 days
US $45.00
90 days
US $60.00
180 days
US $110.00
360 days
US $210.00

Banners must be 468x60 pixels in size and no bigger than 15k in file size.

If you would like to be included in the banner rotation system please click here to set up an account.

Already an advertiser with My Pets Pages? Click here to log in to your account.

For any questions you may have regarding advertising on the My Pets Pages web site, please send an e-mail to support@mypetspages.com

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