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What type of cage does my rabbit require?

Many rabbits are housed outside in a hutch with ready access to a grass run. Some people like to house their rabbit inside and they can make good household pets. Rabbits should never be allowed to run loose in the house. They love to chew and can be very destructive to housing and furniture. There is always a chance of injury, such as chewing on an electrical cord. Your rabbit can be let out of its cage when you're in the room and can supervise and play with it. Like cats, they quickly learn to use a litterbox. Most owners use a portable dog or cat carrier as a cage, and use a towel as bedding. Wire rabbit cages are also fine, but to decrease foot trauma (which results in a condition called "sore hocks"), it is recommended to cover at least half of the wire floor with toweling, Plexiglas, or wood. A concealed "hiding" area in the cage allows the rabbit to feel secure.

Does my rabbit need bedding in his cage?

A soft towel is appreciated by many rabbits and may help decrease the incidence of "sore hocks". Just make sure your rabbit doesn't chew the towel, which could be swallowed and contribute to an intestinal foreign body.

What else do I need in the cage?

Place the litterbox and ceramic or steel food and water bowls in the carrier (bowls are preferable to droppers for water, which must be inspected daily for clogging of the nipple).

Anything else I need to know?

Rabbits are very sensitive to heat stroke. It is critical to keep their environmental temperature at or below 80F, and make sure their "house" is well ventilated.

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