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Pet Memorials

The purpose of these pages is to celebrate life!

If we lose a pet we can never replace that life. We may find a new pet companion, and they will become just as important to us, but the loss of a beloved friend will never fade.

There are so many memories and such feelings of emptiness. When we walk into an room, just for a moment we still see our friend there. Many people cannot understand how we feel, we try to be brave but the loss just becomes more unbearable. We can visit a grave or treasure a casket but, from day to day, we can't share our thoughts, our joy or even sometimes our regrets. The Pets Pages team have all experienced these confused and lonely feelings. We are lucky, we have each other, but we know that many have to bear the loss on their own.

Cats looking at a starWe want you to know that you are not alone. We know how you feel and so do many others who have experienced your loss.

Now there is a way to design a permanent memory of your loved one. Tell us about your friend. Create a world-wide remembrance to celebrate their lives. A tribute that will go on and on. Share your true feelings with people who understand. Search through other memorials and see that there are so many of us devoted to our pets and to their memory.

Your friend will be with you forever.

"But if the while I think on thee, dear friend
All losses are restored and sorrows end"

Shakespeare - Sonnet 30

My Pets Pages Pet Memorial allows you to create personalized memorial web site for your pets, hosted by mypetspages.com

Each Memorial web site consists of the following.

  • One home page containing a page title, introductory text, photograph of your pet, photograph description, and up to 10 lines of text.
  • Three showcase pages containing photographs of your pet along with a caption, page title, introductory text and a further 10 lines of text. Each page may include up to 5 photographs of your pet - giving a total of up to 15 photographs.
  • One tribute board page where you, your friends, and family can leave and exchange messages. This can be password protected to ensure only people you select can leave messages.
  • Full maintenance access to modify the text or pictures on your pets site.

FlowersSo how much does all this cost? Nothing! It's totally, 100%, free!

We feel that your pet was special and deserves to be treated as such and not as a reason to extort money from their caring owner.

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about a My Pets Pages Memorial web site.

To create a My Pets Pages Memorial web site click here.

To download instructions on how to create a memorial site for your pet click here.

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