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Following syntax allows your to customize your message with styles.  It's basically a variation of HTML codes.

> Syntax is in red.
> Incorrect code will not lead to any errors
> Use one style at a time. That means you can't do it like this [b][i]Hello![/i][/b], you have to do it either [b]Hello![/b] or [i]Hello![/i]

 Syntax: [b]Text here[/b]
 Example: This is bold text
 Syntax: [i]Text here[/i]
 Example: This is italic text
 Syntax: [u]Text here[/u]
 Example: This is underline text
 Syntax: [url=URL here]text here[/url]
 Example: This is hyperlink
 Syntax: [email]E-mail address[/email]
 Example: This is e-mail link
 Font Color
 Syntax: [color=green]Text here[/color]
 Example: It's green color

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